Monday, August 16, 2010

hard to stay straight...

I got my hair straightened on Friday so that I could get it cut.
I wanted to get some of it cut and also since my highlights were growing out, I decided to go ahead and get the rest of the color cut out.
So, it was straight and I went through the entire weekend worrying about keeping it straight. I would flat iron it and the humidity would hit it and it would get puffy.
It was so uncomfortable having to worry about how my hair looked and making sure it kept its style.
I was also worried about continuing to flat iron it because I don't want my hair to stay straight and not be able to go back to its natural texture.

I woke up this morning around 4:45am and couldn't go back to sleep.
So, I decided to get up and twist my hair...When I wet my hair and saw my natural curls I was actually happy.
I felt like myself again. I much rather wear my hair natural than straight.

The message for me in all of this is, I've come to embrace my "new self." Straight hair is a reminder of the old me...always worried about how I self-conscious about appearance and making sure that every hair is in its proper place. So worried that I'll look bad if my hair isn't perfect. I don't live that way anymore. My natural hair is a crown for me. Through this hair journey, I've found confidence and a sense of self that I've never experienced before. I LOVE the way I feel about myself and it shows.
So, I rather be true to who I've become and who I am than to try to go back and forth with something that's really not me.
I know it's good to be versatile and flexible, but straight hair (for me) is so overrated right now. It's conventional, regular, and hard for me to maintain.
And maybe I'll revisit the straight look later, but for now, I think I'll keep flowing naturally!!!

The message for you...Be YOU! Once you realize who you are, be that! Don't allow pressures to look like others or be like others cause you to veer from who you know you really are! Dare to be unique and to be the individual that you were created to be. Others will be blessed as a result of you being true to who you are.


Currently, I'm twisting my hair with a combination of Carol's Daughter Loc Butter and Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme. I like the texture of both of these products and when combined they cause my hair to be soft and full of sheen/shine.
I like the twist out style because it gives a little length to my curls and is a cute everyday style.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I was twisting my hair the other day and I always notice that the front of my hair is straighter than the rest of my hair. I always get so frustrated with these hairs because they don't curl up on the ends like the rest of my hair. I always have to roll the ends to make them curly. Such an inconvenience!

But, I started thinking about the bigger picture of it all and I thought back to the fact that my hair is not just about my hair but about me as a person.
So, I changed my perspective of the straight hair.
The straight hair reminds me of who I used to be....the old me, per se.
I started thinking about the shift I've gone through since I've changed my hair.
I used to be afraid to be who I truly am.
I used to be so worried about what others thought of me.
I used to be so concerned with pleasing other people through my actions.
I didn't understand that loving God and pleasing Him doesn't simply mean not breaking any "rules" but more about living according to His word and allowing Him to guide me and lead me on this journey of life.

The straight hair that remains on my head also reminds me that as long as I'm on this Earth, I will never be perfect and there will constantly be parts of ME that I need to work on to be more like the Margaret that God wants me to be.

Now, I can really appreciate the woman I'm becoming.
Through all of the storms and trials, I'm constantly learning who I am as a woman and more importantly, I'm learning who God wants me to be.