Monday, December 31, 2012

The Resolution...a Resolute Life

I did a little grocery shopping I observed everyone purchasing their beverages, renting their Redbox movies and preparing for their New Year's Eve festivities, I thought about how focused and determined we seem to be.  We seem to be determined to say farewell to the end of one year and happy to welcome the beginning of a new one.  Many of us are clearing out junk from our homes, cleaning our cars, and reorganizing our closets in anticipation of a new year.  
There's something about a new year that causes us to reflect.  We think about what we've accomplished or endured during the current and what goals we'd like to accomplish during the next year.  We become more determined to make changes.  Fitness centers across the country are preparing for the swarm of new members all resolving to lose weight and get their "sexy back."  Others are making resolutions to focus more on bettering themselves or working harder on their jobs.  Some are contemplating starting a new business.  But, because of our humanity, behaviors are so difficult to change.  Therefore, in reality, by March or April (Feb. for some), most of us will lose steam and give up on our pursuit of our zealous new year's resolution.
This year, I've decided to make only ONE resolution.  And, it's really not a resolution at all.  It's a proclamation.  
I proclaim that in 2013, I will maintain a resolute life in mind, body and spirit.  I will keep a spirit of determination and purpose.  I will make choices about food, nutrition and exercise that are mindful and serve my purpose. I will read and increase my knowledge in areas that are important for my work and calling.  I will treat my relationships with family and friends as part of my purpose and nurture them as often as possible.  I will strive to make every decision one of purpose.  I will not do things for the sake of doing them.  I will live in the present, but always remember what I'm here for.  God has blessed me with insight into His purpose for my life.  So, for me to responsible for my own destiny and purpose, I must maintain a resolute (determined, purposeful) life.  
That's it.  
I'm thankful for 2012 and now, 2013...let's go!  
embracing new growth in a new year, 
having determination: possessing determination and purposefulness
characterized by determination: motivated by or displaying determination and purposefulness

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stop the Itch

Recently, I’ve dreaded “wash day” more than ever.  That’s the day when I wash my hair.  The reason I’ve dreaded it more lately is because of the time it takes.  After going to school full-time, working and doing the many other things I do on a weekly basis, the thought of washing, conditioning, deep conditioning, detangling, moisturizing and styling my hair is a little unnerving. 

So, I’ve been waiting about 3 weeks between washes (usually I wash my hair once/week)!  Lately, in between washes, my scalp has been a little itchy.  Because I’m not cleansing/moisturizing my hair & scalp as often, both are pretty dry.  But, instead of washing my hair to soothe the scalp and stop the itch, I’ve been using oils on my scalp just to stop the itch.  The itch stops but sooner or later, it comes back.  The oil is only a temporary solutions.  But, guess what I do?  I put more oil on my scalp!  After a while, I have oily, dirty hair with an itchy scalp....a mess!!  Nothing will truly soothe the scalp and ease the itch like going through the process of “wash day.” 

As I stood in church this morning, I thought about how wonderful God is...and then my scalp started to itch!  lol  At this very moment, I thought to myself, “It’s time to wash your hair Margaret.  Just wash your hair and it will stop the itch.”  Then, I was reminded that sometimes, in our lives, we go through things unnecessarily, because we are avoiding the process that will make it better.  We know what to do, but for whatever reason, we cannot get motivated to “wash our hair” (whatever that means for you).    Instead, we keep trying to resolve the problem with temporary solutions.  When we finally realize that the only way to resolve the problem is to take the right action, we still try to apply temporary solutions.  But, at the point of consciousness, we should take action.  I've heard that when we know better, we do better.  But, that's not always the case.  Even though it's easier said than done, in order to get results and be where we want to be, we have to go through the process.  Because at some point, you get tired of scratching your head!!!


Embracing New Growth,