Sunday, June 26, 2011

Classic Natural Style

So, I'm committed to keeping this blog about my hair journey and not just another hair blog.
But, I was thinking the other day about all of the "how-to" questions I get from friends, and even strangers, about my hair and various styles.

I decided to do this post as a way to give some insight into my "process" of styling my hair.
I generally wear the same styles on a regular basis (unless I get my braider, Natasha, to do something special for me). 
The styles I choose are generally low and easy maintenance and allow me the opportunity to wear one style for a longer period of time.
So, here I will feature some basic instructions for a simple braid-out that I did last week.
I was really pleased with the results.

Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo
Darcy's Botanicals Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner
Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade

STYLE:  Braid-Out

1.  After Shampooing my hair (with the castor oil shampoo) and applying Darcy's leave in conditioner throughout, I sectioned my hair (as you can see I don't part my hair at all!).
NOTE:  For this style, I didn't use a wash-out conditioner because the leave-in conditioner does really well on my hair and the burnt sugar pomade is all oil based and acts as a humectant which seals in moisture. 
2.  I made sure each section was still wet with conditioner (and an occasional spritz of my water and vegetable glycerin mix - from my water bottle), used the burnt sugar pomade and distributed it throughout.
3.  I finger combed each section to ensure that it was detangled.
4.  Then, I braided (or plaited as we say down south) each section...when I got to the end, I twisted the ends around my finger.

 I don't like parting, but if you want to part, be my guest!  :-)

HA HA HA...don't laugh at my facial expression....I had to add shock value for the before and after!  LOL

SO, this is the result after sleeping in the braids overnight.  I took out each section and fluffed it to get the desired "bigness." 

The first 2 nights of this style I rebraided big sections, but after those two nights, I pulled it all back at night then the next day, released it and made it a pretty big fro....

I really like this style because it is simple to achieve and relatively low maintenance.
Feel free to hit me up on Facebook (Margaret A. Brunson) or Twitter @MBisFree for more questions!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not just another "me, too"

Recently, I met with 2 retired executives with SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) to receive some free business counseling for my consulting firm. As they gave their recommendations one of them talked about finding your niche. As he talked about setting yourself apart and figuring out what you do better than anyone else, he quickly stated, "don't just be a me too."
I actually stopped to think about what he was saying and once I realized what he said I immediately grabbed on to the application of that statement in my life.

We all have gifts, talents and abilities. But we have to use those unique gifts in ways where we stand out and apart from everyone else. As a special creature made by God, we each have a distinct place in the Earth. So it's up to us to find that place. Plenty of people can sing. But what sets the talent of someone like Jennifer Hudson apart from another gifted singer. Alot of times it's drive and the willingness to step out and pursue a dream or goal.

I don't want to just be a "me, too" who goes through life doing what everyone else does. I want to be set apart and special.

Even when it comes to my personal style and image I want to stand out for my uniqueness and confident approach to my physical appearance. Don't just be a "me, too."

Time to #standout #justsaying