Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Growth: A Prophecy Fulfilled!

My New Book!!! 


"New Growth: How My Hair Saved My Life is about how God used Margaret’s transition back to her natural hair state to transform her heart and life. This period of transformation led her to gain more strength and wisdom to move closer to her destiny. This book will encourage you to focus on a higher and deeper purpose about your life. The events, actions, and choices in your life have played a part in your journey. You can make the choice to view them as hindrances, or you can choose to allow the experiences to push you closer to your God-given future. The hope is that you will develop a sense of who you are and not be afraid to step out and live your destiny."

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pace Yourself through the Storms

Last night, there was a terrible thunderstorm.  Lightning, thunder, and a DOWN POUR of rain.  I left Greensboro (from class) to head back to Durham and the entire drive was through this terrible storm. 
There were periods of heavy rain, flashes of lightning that lit up the night sky and rolls of thunder that at some points were pretty scary.

From the time I got onto I-85 until the time I took my exit to my house, I stayed behind a white SUV.  This SUV had on his emergency flashers and maintained a safe speed in the middle lane.
I used this car to guide me home.
He was my pacer.  He kept a steady speed and drove safely the entire time. 
He remained in a lane where there wasn't a lot of water building up on the side of the road.
Even as cars sped by and trucks were itching to get around him, he maintained a safe and consistent speed throughout the storm.

I started to think about how I've been led through storms in my life in this very same way.
Either God's Spirit, his Word or those he has placed in my life at those times, have served as "pacers" or guides for me:

  • God's Spirit within us helps us maintain a steady and safe speed throughout life's storms to let us know that we are safe and ok as long as we continue to follow and trust him.  If I hadn't seen how safely the white SUV was driving, I wouldn't have trusted him to lead me.We know that we can trust God because he's proven to us (many times before) that he can be trusted and that in him, we are safe.
  • As we read and become grounded in his word, it also serves as a way for us to maintain our pace and make it through the hardships of life.  God's word serves as a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path (Psalm 119:105) and helps to guide through WHATEVER life presents.
  • God also sends people into our lives with spirits of peace, joy and love who serve as a model to follow and walk with.  They are not in a hurry to get through life or "fix" everything that's going on.  They realize that there is purpose in everything that we endure and they maintain their love, peace and joy.

I was so happy for this new way of looking of God's goodness and faithfulness towards me.
He always makes a way for me to truly SEE how much he loves me and that even through the "storms" of life, I can look to him to help me pace myself to safety.