Thursday, September 9, 2010

finding your own way...

I haven't blogged in a while but I've been feeling like I need to write because of so much happening around me.

This week, I lost my 4th paternal aunt to breast cancer.
It seems strange to see 4 beautiful, strong women die to such an awful disease.
So, I'm going to make it my business to support breast cancer research efforts and do my part to fight this battle.

Well, I feel the summer coming to an end and as the seasons change, I feel like other things are changing, too.
Fall brings an opportunity to re-prioritize some things in life and look at what's important. So often we focus on things are not important and usually those things are distractions from keeping our attention on what God has for us....our future and our destiny.

I am excited because I've decided to embark on some new projects and open myself up to experience some NEW things...I'm ready for change.
I'm ready to experience God in a different way.
I'm ready to experience LIFE and LOVE in a new way.

So, as I was thinking about the changes that are happening in my life and around my life, I began to think about what changes I want to make to my hair, of course.
I think about so many different styles I'd like to try or different products that might work well on my hair. But, I always end up right back to what's familiar.
That's because of FEAR. Fear to try something new on my own because I might mess it up.
So what if I mess up? So what if my hair isn't perfect?
At least I would've tried and the next time I try it, it'll be better because I didn't give up.

So many times, we are crippled by and become stale and stagnant because of FEAR.
It keeps us from exploring the world around us and stepping out in faith to do new things.
God wants us to have LIFE and have it more abundantly and I don't believe that there is room for fear in an abundant life.

So, I'm going to release fear of change and newness and continue to allow the freedom that I have to propel me to new purpose and a renewed sense of creativity; not just with my hair but with my life in general.

More to come....

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