Monday, November 22, 2010

subtle change is STILL change!

So, I was feeling the way I was feeling yesterday and today I decided to do something about it!!!
I'm in "doing" mode now...
So, I decided to buy some Henna powder to give my hair a subtle color change and extra "boost."
Henna is an organic way to color your hair and it is a natural conditioner that adds shine. I've never used it before but I've heard great things about it!
Nevertheless, I wanted a change, but I'm also realistic about who I am and I knew I wouldn't be ready for a DRASTIC change to my hair.
So, I'm going to try something new, but subtle.

We should definitely not hesitate to make decisions about changes that we want to see in our lives, but we should also remain realistic about how much we are equipped to handle at that time. It's important not to move too quickly into decisions because we could end up regretting the very thing that we thought we wanted.

So, I'll keep you all posted on how the Henna color treatment goes...and I'll post pics.

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