Monday, July 18, 2011

Take Baby Steps!!!

I want my hair to grow. That is my current hair journey goal.
So, the other day, I was standing at the sink twisting my hair and going through my usual routine of massaging my scalp with castor oil and finger combing and conditioning the ends of my hair. 
As I stood there looking at myself in the mirror, I began to think about my upcoming birthday.

On 7/24/11, I'll be 31 years old.
But, as I thought about birthdays, I thought about the fact that by the time my birthday arrives, I would have already completed my 31st year of life. 

So, in actuality, on my birthday, I will begin my 32nd year of life.
Then, I just began to think about how much life is really a process and journey.
We have to go through whatever process we are faced with, in order to get the title associated with what we've accomplished.
When we were born, we didn't instantly become 1 year old.  We had to spend that first year in stages and each month we got a little closer to the completion of that very first year of life. 
But, ultimately, on our 1st birthday, we and everyone else in our lives, celebrated the fact that we made it!

So, as we walk through life, we must remember that we have to go through many processes in order to have the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment!!!
Sometimes we want to put the cart before the horse and gain title and recognition before we go through the process. 
But, once we go through the process, then we obtain the title, we rejoice in our accomplishment, and we prepare to begin the next phase of the process!

God gives us the ability to dream big and have a vision for our lives.  But sometimes we want to jump straight to it without walking through each and every step.  If you find yourself being impatient with the process, then remember my example of the infant going through his or her first year of life.  At every phase there were milestones and lessons learned.  They learned to sit up, crawl, stand up on their own, move from formula to more solid food, some even began walking unassisted.  But at each phase, there was progress.  It wasn't always about getting to that first birthday party, but it was about enjoying the journey along the way.

That's what I believe God wants us to do.  He wants us to commit our ways unto Him, trust Him with our vision and let Him lead us and guide us while we enjoy the journey!

Sooo, as I continue to work on GROWTH in all areas of my life, I can practice patience and perseverance knowing that I am going through a process and each step is getting me closer to that day of rejoicing and celebration! 


  1. Margaret,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I needed this. This morning I was telling one of my girlfriends the urgency to succeed has come upon me and I seem to want every thing right away. I am giving God glory right now for leading me to your blog and reminding me of the process. Love you Soror. Thanks for allowing God to use you to uplift others.

    ~Soror Danita K. Washington

  2. Thanks so much Soror! I believe I have to be a blessing to others by using the gifts that God has placed in me. I'm grateful for you and your witness! Abundant blessings to you! :-)