Thursday, August 11, 2011

Greatness Is Not By Chance

During the past year, I've experienced a major "shifting" in my life.
I use the word "shifting" as opposed to "shift" because it is actively taking place, even as I type.
You  might not understand what I'm talking about so let me help you understand.

Over the past two years I've experienced the following (not necessarily in this order, but pretty close)...
  • Sold a house; moved into an apartment
  • Got divorced
  • Was laid off from a job
  • Started developing a small business
  • Started my natural hair journey
  • Started this blog
  • Turned 30
  • Wrote a book about that hair journey
  • Used public assistance (unemployment) to support myself
  • Developed new friendships/relationships that will be lifelong
  • Strengthened old relationships
  • Applied for countless jobs
  • Interviewed for some great positions
  • Applied for and accepted to a PhD program
  • Hired for a management position at a major globally acclaimed institution

These are just a few of the life changes I've recently experienced. 
Not to mention that my personal life has taken quite a few interesting turns of its own. 
So, I choose to say, instead of saying I've experienced problems or challenges, that my life is shifting.

During a shift, there are some things that happen in our lives that cause us to STOP in our idea of movement and take a look at what is happening in our lives and around our lives. 

If you remember, as a child, standing on a carousel that is moving, you remember that if you moved too much during the movement of the carousel you would get dizzy and often stumble and sometimes even fall down. 
So, normally, you would stand still and hold on to one of the poles that supported the carousel animals.

The purpose of the shift in life is to prepare us to walk in our purpose and destiny.
I am a believer that greatness is not an accident and doesn't JUST happen.
There is purpose in everything that happens in our lives that leads us to a place of purpose and destiny.
In other words, stop trying to figure out why you're going through life's shift and just hold on.
Many times, we feel that we must "keep it moving."
Our culture makes those of us who are ambitious, goal-oriented and purpose-driven feel that we need to constantly move so that we won't be left out or left behind.

But sometimes movement actually means standing still and allowing movement to take place around us and shift our current position in life.  It doesn't mean that we aren't always thinking, conceptualizing and dreaming, but it just means that we take the time to stop and see where we are and use that view to help us figure out the next move. 

Just like that carousel that is moving even while we are standing still; life is similar. 
Sometimes life is moving all around us and as we stand still we are able to see different perspectives as it moves.
The position in life where we are walking in purpose and living our dreams, sometimes requires that our perspective change.  We don't always SEE things the way we need to see, so when we are able to stop and watch the movement around us, our eyes are opened in a new way.
We are able to define who we are and what it is we are here on Earth to do.
Each of us has a divine purpose, which is great in one way or another, but often, life's circumstances and situations cause us to lose sight of that purpose and we end up moving our feet but not walking in or on purpose.

You are on the brink of greatness and there is something that you must SEE before you can take the actions that will eventually lead you to greatness.
So, stand still, hold on, keep dreaming, see what you need to see, then ACT accordingly.

Your destiny is not going to be by chance...
It's on still, so you can walk into it!

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