Thursday, September 22, 2011'll feel better!

I was sitting at my desk and was feeling really drained.
In August, I started a new job and a PhD program and I've been going full speed ever since.
I feel like I haven't had much time to enjoy the leisurely activities that I did during my time of unemployment (rest).
And, oh how I miss my Zumba classes (I need to find some that fit into my schedule ASAP)!

But, as I sat and thought about how tired I felt, I decided to stand up and stretch.
I walked over to the window in my office, lifted my arms above my head and pulled my body into a deep stretch...then, I bent down and stretched my back and legs.  When I stood up, I felt much better!
I felt a lot of the tightness and tension leave my body and even felt a burst of energy that helped me continue the rest of the day.

I think life sometimes requires us to stretch to feel better.
We often become bogged down with the routine and tired from all of the roles we play in life.
When we're able to "stretch" our minds and our spirits to focus on something else, it often helps us feel a lot better.

But, how do we "stretch," mentally, spiritually and emotionally?

Do something different to change your perspective about where you are and what's important
- Take a leisurely walk with no clear destination - observe, meditate, smile
- Eat your lunch outside
- Start a conversation with a stranger
- Take a moment to stand outside and look up in the sky (it's amazing how much clarity you receive when you realize how small you are in this giant world)
- Take deep breaths (you will notice how very little we are actually breathing!)

These may seem like really simple acts, but how often do you really take a minute to do such things?
How often do we feel like we don't have the time to take a minute and enjoy life and our surroundings?

What are some of the things you do to "stretch" throughout the day?

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