Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Costs of Freedom!

"Everybody has his own way and must be allowed the freedom to pursue it." 
Leo Buscaglia from the book, Love

This statement rang loudly in my spirit when I read it.  It's a very simple, yet powerful statement.  As someone who strives daily to protect my spiritual and emotional freedom, I totally understand that we all need the freedom to become who we were created to be.  We need the personal space and room to introspectively look at our lives and determine the best path for us.  We need the courage to tap into our creativity and produce our own works of art with our lives.  We need an atmosphere of acceptance that encourages us to be ourselves in the midst of a society that encourages us to look, sound and be like everyone else.  We need to be free.

Nevertheless, I'm also very aware, as I read this statement, that freedom comes at a price.  Often, we pay for our freedom with isolation, loneliness, and being misunderstood.  Yet, none of that should take away our freedom.  If anything, we should embrace these as the cost and consequences for being free.  We should realize that we live in a world, among many people who are not free, who reject their own path to liberation and try to make us uncomfortable with our own freedom.  

But, true freedom also comes at another cost.  Freedom doesn't just mean that we do what we want to do in spite of others.  Freedom means we do what's right in spite of what seems or feels right.  Freedom means we reject materialism to place importance on things with higher purpose.  Freedom means that we align our emotions with truth, so that we don't end up flailing through life without direction.  Freedom means that we submit to a higher power and purpose to guide our lives so that our minds and spirits remain in tune with what God is calling us to be.  

As we enter the last month of this year, I challenge you to consider the costs and continue to live in and embrace your freedom with a zealous pursuit of your purpose!

Margaret A. Brunson

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