Wednesday, July 28, 2010 what?

So, I turned 30 on 7/24 and I must say that it actually FEELS like I'm older now.
It's amazing how much more freedom we experience by turning a year older.

Sometimes we get stuck in a specific mindset or a way of thinking...but when we realize that we're getting older, it causes us to take a look at our point of view and paradigm on life and figure out if that's the mindset we want to take into the next year of our life.

When I think about this journey that I'm on, I realize that everything is happening in my life at the appointed time. There are phases and changes that I am going through that should be happening right now instead of times in the past or future.
So, it's not for me to wonder, "why now," or "why me?," but it's for me to just walk it all out, make my mistakes, learn the lessons and keep it moving.

Woke up this morning
Smile was on my face
New opportunities
Today I will embrace
Yesterday is dead and gone
And I'm moving on
Great things in store for me
Walking in my Victory

No chains holding me
Walking towards destiny
I am, I am

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