Monday, July 19, 2010


Soon, I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday (less than one week)!
It's interesting because when I think back to age 21 and where I thought I'd be by age 30 it might seem somewhat depressing. We make all these plans when we're young about the house we'll live in, the car we'll drive, the career and family we'll have and then none of it happens that way. But, I am soooo grateful for the journey I'm on and the path that has gotten me to this point in life. I've gone through a lot of experiences that have prepared me for the next phase of adulthood. I am experiencing a freedom like none other because I know that EVERYTHING is alright.

When I was going through the transitioning process, it was difficult for me to see what the texture of my natural hair was. So, I would often get discouraged because it just seemed like I wasn't making any progress. Then, my hair started growing much faster. And as I worked through it with different natural styles, I started to notice more texture at the roots and was then able to envision the hair that would start to cover my entire head.

I look at my life the same way. Now, instead of making so many "plans," I am envisioning the life I want to live and I am working towards the vision. God has something so great in store for me and I want to be in tuned enough to see it and patient enough to work and wait for it.

"Life is a Journey, not a destination. There are no regrets, just chances we've taken." India Arie

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