Friday, January 7, 2011

iAm who iAm...

In May 2010, I got a divorce!
It was one of the biggest, most difficult decisions I've ever made in my life.
I was MARRIED...not just a long-term relationship, but I'd stood in front of God, and my family and friends and made a vow to be with this man til death.
And, since I am a BELIEVER, marriage to me is more than just a sheet of paper.
It is a covenant made between man, woman and God.
It is a partnership where two people agree to live their lives as one in the presence of God with Him being at the center of the relationship.

So, getting a divorce was difficult.
However, there are some things I learned as a result of the entire experience.
During the next year, I plan to share some of those lessons with hopes that you will be inspired and encouraged.

So, one of the most important lessons I learned was that I am who I am!
AND, that I actually like who I am AND that there's absolutely nothing wrong with who I am!
So many times, we get into relationships with people who want to change who we are.
They like parts of our personality or they like the way we make them feel, however, they don't really WANT to be with US, as we are.
They have an idea of who they want to be with and instead of finding and being with that person, they try to change the person they're with.
We all have our own unique, God-given personalities.
We all walk differently, we're shaped differently, our hair is different, smiles are different, etc...
So you know if just those small things are different that we have many more characteristics that are different than ones that are common.
It's extremely important to be who we are and not allow anyone or anything to dictate who we should be.
Of course we should constantly want to grow and change for the better, but our natural evolution of self shouldn't happen because we're trying to force ourselves to be something we aren't.
I lived for years trying to do and say everything to please someone else instead of doing and saying what would please God.
It's impossible to make people happy.
There's always going to be something that they don't approve of or wish to change about the way we do or say a thing.
So, it's more important to me, at this point in my life, to live a life which will be pleasing to God.
And even if I mess up, make mistakes or do something that I know He wouldn't be happy with, at least I know I'm living for Him.
I'm not worried about what others think of me...
Because I am who I am!

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