Thursday, January 13, 2011

Growth! That's my GOAL!

The start of a new year always causes people to make these "resolutions" where they resolve to do something differently than previous years or to quit a specific behavior or action. I believe people make resolutions because they feel that the start of a new year means that something has to change.
They believe that their life should look differently than the year before or else they really haven't taken full advantage of a new year.

A resolution is the formal expression of an opinion or intention or a determination.
The tone of a resolution is that there is some problem that needs to be solved.
Sometimes, it's difficult for me to view my behaviors or actions as "problems" that need to be solved.
I just like to identify my target goal and align my thoughts and actions to achieve that goal.

Therefore, for 2011, as I've done in previous years, I have set A goal...and it's a simple ONE...GROWTH!

My goal is to experience GROWTH in every area of my life:

- Spiritual
- Financial
- Family
- Relationship/Social
- Health/Physical
- Educational
- Career

How in the world will I achieve growth in each of these areas?

Well, just like the process of growing hair (which grows about 1/2 to 3/4 inch every month), I will have to place attention, care, and effort into the areas I desire to see growth.

When I want my hair to grow, I must keep my scalp clean, comb/brush my hair, obtain regular trims and place care into styling.

In the same manner, I must give attention to my financial life by using more wisdom with how to spend my money, creating a budget for spending and saving, seeking ways to earn additional income to reach my savings goals, pay down debts, and seek out better ways to manage my money.

For relational and social growth, I must cultivate current relationships and establish deeper connections with my family and friends. And, I will put myself in more diverse social environments that will enhance my network and ability to relate to other people.

I could go on with other examples, but I will allow you to think about how to reach growth in various areas of your life.

So, I'll check in often with lessons and reports on my GROWTH this year!

Til next time...

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