Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So, ever since I started posting pics on facebook of my hair transition, I've received messages and emails asking me about various styles and the actual transitioning process.
I'd like to utilize my blog to answer some of those questions...

Q: What did I do to transition from my relaxer to my natural hair?

A: When I decided to transition, I was about 4 months into my last relaxer. So I had quite a bit of new growth. At first, I was getting it straightened with a flat iron. I did that off and on for about 4-5 more months. When I didn't get it straightened, I would get roller sets or rod sets.

Then, I began experimenting with twist-outs.
I started two strand twisting my hair and rolling it on the ends (because remember the ends were still relaxed).
I liked the texture of the two strand twist out as opposed to the braid out.

Then, I began to try different products and what I've determined is that you really must see what the texture is of your natural hair and use the appropriate products.
Also, keeping the hair moisturized is very important during transitioning.
Because with 2 different textures of hair on your head, the natural hair can become very dry. Once I had 3 inches of relaxed hair left, I cut it off and got my hair twisted in two strand twists. I wore it like that for a couple of weeks then started my new fully natural journey.

Paying attention to your hair and trying out various products to support the look you want is very helpful.
Do a little research online about products that support growth and moisture during the transition process.
Also, I've heard of people getting braids or weaves as their hair grows out.
Just make sure that you allow the hair to shed because this is a normal part of hair growth.
Your hair must shed in order to make room for the new hair growing in.

Also, your hair grows about 1/2 inch each month. The more you work with your hair and "train" your hair, the more you support normal growth.

Feel free to email me with any questions about specific products or techniques!

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