Sunday, February 20, 2011

A weekend dedicated to Hair and Friendship!!!

this journey is amazing!
Sometimes, we need a refreshing and a little boost in order to remain encouraged as we press towards our destiny.

I just had the best weekend!
I traveled to Atlanta to visit my friend Naja and attend the Bronner Brothers hair show.
Friday evening, Naja and I attended a natural hair meet-up sponsored by CurlyNikki

We were so inspired and encouraged when we saw the widespread diversity within the natural hair community. Truly, natural hair divas has become a culture and there's so much versatility and diversity with styles and personal "swag" options!

My natural hair choice is all about my life's journey and to see so many women embracing the freedom and joy that comes from this choice was EXCITING!

The Bronner Brothers hair show was also a great experience and I have a greater and deeper level of respect for hair stylists. They invest a lot of energy, training and money into making people feel and look good about themselves, and for that I'm appreciative!

One of the best parts about this visit, though, was some great quality time between my friend and I. We've been friends for almost 19 years and we've been through alot with each other. As we get older, it's important for us to maintain and continue to develop our friendship. We're both adults now living very different lives in two different cities, but the bond of friendship goes beyond state borders and marital status.

Naja, this blog post is dedicated to you!
I look forward to continuing our friendship in hopes that we will strengthen, encourage, develop, grow and experience each other in new and different ways!
I love you my sisterfriend!

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