Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Love Letter

Recently, I thought about why I decided to go natural. As I sat and pondered all of the changes that were happening in my life and the transition I went through, I began to think beyond myself. This decision was bigger than me and was definitely about more than just HAIR. So, I decided to write a love letter to address the reason why I decided to go natural.

Dear Young Black Woman/Girl/Teenager who has ever felt less than beautiful:

I did this for you. I was afraid but I stepped out into uncomfortable territory so that I could grow, change and share my story with you. I had thoughts like, "what will people think?" or "people might laugh at me," which sometimes cause us not to take the risk of being uniquely different and set apart. But, when you understand how bold and powerful you are and when you realize that there will NEVER come a day when we'll be able to totally please people, you will know, then, that the only thing that matters is how God sees us. And when you begin to see yourself the way He does, you will be FREE. Your spirit, mind and body will be free.

My decision was to go back to my natural hair and back to myself. And as I decided to make this physical change from my relaxed hair to my natural hair, I had to go through some changes. I began to understand that this journey was part of a preparation process; preparation for a greater purpose which is sometimes VERY uncomfortable and requires patience. I had to start paying attention to my hair and spending more time on my hair to come up with styles that looked good.

In this same way, as you prepare to reach your destiny in life, it will require more effort, greater observation to what's going on in and around your life, and more time spent on actually working to improve yourself. I realized that I'd get some odd stares, some negative comments from some of the people in my life and face some ridicule. I had women who said to me, "oh, why would you want to do that, you have such beautiful hair," or "I like your hair straight better, it fits you better."

But, I did not worry about PEOPLE and what they thought.
I believed that my mission would be accomplished.
I believed that through this intimate hair walk, I would experience a new thing: FREEDOM and CONFIDENCE in self and that old things would pass away and ALL things would become new. I believed that this journey to bring women closer to their own purpose through this unexplainable, divine connection we have with our hair!
I believed that I would gain spiritual and emotional strength as I walked out this hair journey.
I was and am willing to place the world's view of my "beauty" on the line to fulfill the GREATNESS that God wants to do through me. It takes boldness and courage but it's worth it.

So, go forward in boldness and confidence. Reach your destiny. Fulfill your dreams.


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