Friday, April 15, 2011

Male Perspective on Natural Hair

So, I was talking to a couple of young ladies yesterday at the gym and they were saying that their boss (who is a Black man), makes comments to them about their natural hair whenever they wear it in its natural state and not straight.  He says it's nappy or makes comments that make them feel uncomfortabe wearing their hair natural to work.

When I left the gym, I couldn't stop thinking about this guy and how much of a slap in the face it is for a black man to not support women with natural hair. 

It makes me sad to think that our own brothers, fathers, uncles, friends, husbands, and companions do not support a woman who appreciates and values herself enough to be who she is.  Natural hair is the hair you were given by God.  So to accept it and have the confidence to NOT change who you are, should be applauded and appreciated. 
I’m going to think about this topic a little more and blog about it later, but in the meanwhile, I found this short video of a young man giving his perspective on natural hair.  I chose it because I like what he’s saying.  He makes reference to another good video by IsisCold and her husband, but that one is too long so you can go on YouTube and find that one, too!
Confident Women Unite! 
Love, Spiritually Natural

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