Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your Life is Speaking...Are You Listening?

It has been a while since I've posted anything.
I mean, it isn't because I haven't been inspired.
There's so much to write about!

From the British Royal Wedding to the Arnold S. case to the early extreme heat wave going through North Carolina right now.
Also, there have been local bear sightings, devastating tornadoes and of course, Garner NC's own Scotty McCreery in the final two on American Idol.

But, this really isn't that type of blog. 
This blog is dedicated to inspiration and encouragement and I do that through my own thoughts, daily experiences and revelations about my hair journey.

So, today, I was inspired to write after watching Oprah's final show after 25 years on air as The Oprah Winfrey Show.

She said so many things that were inspirational, thought-provoking, prophetic, informational and encouraging.
There were quite a few things she said that will resonate with me for days to come because I find myself in a place, right now, to receive what she said and apply it to my life.
However, one thing she said really stuck with me and I wanted to share my thoughts about it.

Oprah talked about how we all have a voice in our spirit that speaks to us.  And when we are still and listen to that voice, we will obtain guidance for our lives.  She mentioned that when she has tried to do things on her own or made mistakes it was because she didn't listen to that voice.
She said we all have this voice and it is God and our life speaking to us and it is up to us to listen.

I'm very much in THE "listening lesson" of my life right now.   
There are things I've asked of God to do in my life and I'm at a point now where I believe things are moving in the direction they're supposed to.
I'm absolutely confident that I'm on the brink of a major shift towards greatness and influence.  I've asked God for growth this year and when something is growing, it is stretching.  Growth is sometimes very uncomfortable. 
When children grow, it means they have to buy new clothes and shoes because the old clothes no longer fit.  When plants grow, sometimes it means re-potting that plant to place it in a larger plant where it has room to keep growing.
So, as an individual who is growing, I am going to be uncomfortable.
When I don't listen to what my life is saying, I start to become discouraged and doubt that my life is headed in the direction of growth, change, success, and greatness.
I can even see my life and the things that are happening that are "falling into place" according to my vision and hope, but because I'm still unemployed, have no stable income and slowly growing a business, I get discouraged. 

That voice in my life, just like Oprah mentioned, is God.
God IS my life.

So, what is my life saying to me?

My life is telling me:
"Trust and follow.
Stop trying to plan it all out.
Just trust and follow.
I have everything worked out for your good and when you begin to truly trust and follow, you will start to see where I'm taking you.
Even though certain areas of your life are in "lack" right now, I have still blessed you with abundance overall.
You have family and friends who love you.
I have placed you in an environment with people who encourage, nurture, challenge and push you to do everything I called you to do.
So, stop worrying.
Trust and follow.
You are going to see, soon enough, what I have in store for you."

My response:
"I hear you."

Your life is speaking, are you listening?
- Spiritually Natural

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