Friday, February 24, 2012

Tell SELF to kick rocks...

Deep down, I believe that we all want to be accepted...
We long for our families, friends, co-workers and others to accept us for who we are with hopes that we will be good enough, smart enough, cool enough, etc...
Sometimes we deceive ourselves and say that we don't care what others think of us, but ultimately, I believe that is a defense mechanism that we use to protect ourselves from REJECTION.

However, recently, I've been confronted with different situations where I've noticed that people generally do not want to ACCEPT the things about ourselves that often lead others to reject us.
In other words...SELF is in the way.

For example, we want others to accept us, yet we will not ACCEPT the fact that we're SELFish or SELF-centered and that if others don't agree with us, we push them away or dismiss them.
Or, we want people to spend time with us, yet we will not ACCEPT the fact that sometimes we aren't very friendly or we bring people down when they are in our presence.

Soooo, instead of working on ourselves, we take on attitudes like:
"Well, if they don't like me, so what?  I don't need them anyway."

But, deep down, we really want to be accepted....
The funny thing is...the desire to be accepted and even acceptable, will start to bring to light, the things about us that we need to work on; yet, we are blinded to our own flaws and shortcomings.
Sometimes, we need to stop, look in the mirror, and ask God to show us the things about OURSELVES that we need to change.

We tend to focus so much on other people and what they aren't doing right that we miss the purpose of self-examination.

Growth is difficult and very uncomfortable, but the reward is that we will change and take on a character that not only others will accept, but one that God will accept.

So, the next time you are quick to dismiss others for their non-consent and discontent of your "ways," kick pride to the side and ask God to help you be better.

Tell SELF to "kick rocks," and seek to figure out what areas of your life need to change and grow.

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