Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bold Transition...

Stepping into uncharted or unfamiliar territories can be frightening.
But, most of the time, it's scary because we're concerned about the social consequences for being DIFFERENT.

Thoughts like, "what will people think?" or "people might laugh at me," may cause us not to take the risk of being uniquely different and set apart.

But, when we become bold and realize that there will NEVER come a day when we'll be able to please people, we'll realize that the only thing that matters is doing what God wants us to do.

God sometimes chooses the most unlikely person to fulfill GREATNESS for Him.
Why does He do this?
He does this because He seeks out the heart and not physical appearance.

God chose Mary, a young, poor virgin, to carry His son!
To avoid the consequences of having a single mother situation, He could've easily chosen a 2 parent family, with a kid and a donkey (did they have dogs back then? - LOL).
But, He didn't!
He chose Mary...
Don't you think He knew she'd be ridiculed and that she'd face torment by her village people?
God chose Mary because He knew her heart and the Bible says that He favored her!

He knew she loved Him and that she'd be grateful for the GREATNESS that would be fulfilled through her.
Mary's cousin, Elizabeth even called her blessed because Mary truly believed that what God said to her would be accomplished. (Luke 1:45)

So, as I transitioned into my natural hair, I realized that I'd get some odd stares, some negative comments from some of the people in my life and face some ridicule.
I had women who said to me, "oh, why would you want to do that, you have such beautiful hair," or "I like your hair straight better, it fits you better."

And, the entire time, I'm thinking to myself, so you like the artificial me have accepted this image as who I really am?
You have no clue who I REALLY am...and I am not THIS hair!

But, I didn't worry about PEOPLE and what they thought.
I believed what God said to me would be accomplished.
I believed that through this intimate hair walk, God would do a new thing in me and that old things would pass away and ALL things would become new.
I believed that God would use this journey to bring women closer to Him through this unexplainable, divine connection we have with our hair!
I believed that God would strengthen my spirit as He ministered to me through this hair journey.

I am willing to place the world's view of my "beauty" on the line to fulfill the GREATNESS that God wants to do through me.

It takes boldness and courage but it's worth it...

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