Tuesday, June 8, 2010

preparation...the "ugly" phase.

I was thinking today about my facebook status post from yesterday...
"In order to change, we have to go through some changes."
This is a very profound statement because sometimes we want change in our lives but we want it to come instantly or in a way that will be comfortable for us.
But, we quickly realize that in order for change to really happen, we have to go through some changes. Some of those changes aren't very happy or comfortable.
They are often difficult and challenging.

So, as I decided to make this physical change from my relaxed hair to my natural hair, I had to go through some changes.
This phase was quickly named, "the ugly phase."
It was ugly because my hair was becoming something that I didn't recognize and I didn't like it.
Mostly because I didn't really know what to do with it.
There were days when I wanted to just go get a relaxer (go back to what was comforting and looked good).
Then, there were other days when I wanted to chop all the relaxer off (something easy to skip the process).

But, I began to understand that it was part of the preparation process.
And, preparation for a greater purpose is sometimes VERY uncomfortable and requires patience.
I had to start paying attention to my hair and spending more time on my hair to come up with styles that looked good.
In this same way, as we prepare to reach our destiny in life, it will require more effort, greater observation to what's going on in and around our lives, and more time spent on actually working to improve our current state.

So, I started researching about what to do with my hair.
At the same time, on this spiritual journey, I began reading my Bible more, talking to God more and asking Him to lead me in all areas of my life.

My hair was growing and so was I...and it was happening quickly.
Normally, your hair grows about 1/2 inch every month.
Mine was growing twice as fast...about 1 inch every month.
At that same rate of growth was my spiritual life.

I was gaining insight to the things of God and I was getting a better understanding of my purpose and who He created me to be.
But, God was also preparing me for the trials that I would face in the months to come.
How can we endure and go through our storms?
By knowing, believing and standing on the very Word and Promises of God.
He was planting His word in my heart so that I would have the strength to endure.
He got my attention through my hair.
As I paid attention to the new growth, I was also paying attention to my new spiritual growth.

This is one of my prayers for those following this blog.
To allow God to prepare you for the destiny He has for you...

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  1. I'm so glad you decided to do this blog. What a blessing and encouragement you are! Patience...ooooweeee, now that's been a struggle for me in A LOT of areas in my life...including my hair! :)