Tuesday, June 22, 2010

walking towards the light...

As a child, I remember a horror movie called Poltergeist.
And many of you who remember that movie can recall a line or two from it where the little lady was telling Carolanne to "come to the light."
The light was supposed to represent safety from the harm of the evil that was trying to consumer Carolanne.

As I think about my future and destiny, I find that daily, a voice (God, of course) is telling me to "come to the light." The light is the truth about who He is and also who He is within me. My purpose here on earth is the lead others to the light; whether it is by leading them to the right career choice, helping them start a business, teaching them how to set goals and achieve goals or just encouraging someone to look beyond what they see right now. I have a clear purpose for who I am to become in Him because He created that purpose.

So, it's not time for me to become lazy or complacent. As I looked at myself in the morning while rushing to get dressed, I started thinking about how I really need to do my hair. I've been rocking this curly pony puff for about a week and it's such a "lazy" hairstyle for me. Even though it's "cute," it's extremely lazy because it means that I don't have to do anything to it. But, I know that in order for me to get the most of out of my hair, I have to care for it, take time to style it and put the energy and effort into doing so.
I can't become lazy about it because then I'll just settle into this one style and the health of my hair may suffer as a result.

In order for me to be a healthy person in body, mind, spirit, and heart, I must put TIME and ENERGY into developing that woman.
It's imperative...my life depends on it.
So, I have to continue to walk towards the light which is how my journey is illuminated and I'm able to do the things I need to do.

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